Millennials Appreciate Print Marketing and Direct Mail Campaigns

80 million people make up the millennial generation. The purchasing power of this market has been estimated to be $200 Billion! Yes, BILLION. Thus number is expected to grow significantly in the next few years as by the year 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the worlds workforce. The opportunity to make serious profit off this particular target market is remarkable – and is a significant challenge for marketers.

Branding companies, ad agencies, and marketing professionals need to think up new, refreshing and innovative ways to reach their audience.

One of the most surprising facts about these digital natives (ie: people born into the digital age), actually crave the tactile experience of paper. Did you know that 89% if millennials get to their physical mail as soon as possible? Yup, they may have 5 email addresses, but they only have one mail box – and they want to know what’s in it!

Print has been proven to engage and resonate with millennials

Customer Focus and Quad/Graphics put together a study entitled “Millennials: An Emerging Consumer Powerhouse” which stated that 77% of millennials engage with their direct mail, 73% read retail inserts, 54% pay attention to catalogues while 51% read print magazines. With these statistics in mind, print certainly offers marketers the opportunity to reach this particular target market exponentially – and direct mail campaigns seem to be key. 

“Millennials are the most likely of any generation to read direct mail. In fact, 25% of millennials consider reading direct mail a leisure activity.” This is a direct quote from an in-depth InfoTrends study.

Who would have thought?  But… does print actually motivate purchase?

Print Motivates Purchase

The facts? 63% of millennials who respond to direct mail, make a purchase within three months. Another study to refer to us the Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study which states that 82% of people, aged 18-34 cite print as part of their purchase journey.

Printed materials are also hugely influential on online purchases. Adverts in print propel 53% of millennials to respond to an online advertisement (QR codes and coupons that are scannable also play a role in this statistic). Print compliments digital marketing perfectly – if implemented strategically.

Then there is the study that was implemented at Bangor University by The Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology. The study made use of an MRI machine, under the machine participants were shown digital advertisements and print advertisements. The tactile experience with the printed material actually helped the participant retain the information, spurring action in the reader – influencing purchasing decision.

Print Matters

The printed word is a powerful marketing tool. It offers tactile interaction and engaging information that is retained by the reader, as opposed to the vague, fleeting messages of online marketing and digital banner ads.

With print marketing such as direct mail, brochures and business cards, you have the opportunity to engage with your audience, explain your service offerings and express the benefits of your business promises. This can all be done in a creative, eye-catching way, helping you distinguish your brand in the over-saturated digital space.

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