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Mini CD’s, CD’s & DVD’s

Mini CD’s, CD’s & DVD’s

Jetline Discmakers’ Mini CD’s and DVD’s are a compact variant of traditional Discs. Discmakers also provides standard CD’s with a data capacity of 750MB, and DVD’s with a capacity of 4.7gb. Silkscreen printing can be done directly onto the disc face, labels can be made, and inkjet printing can be done to your specifications.

CD/DVD Duplication

CD/DVD Duplication

Jetline Discmakers will duplicate the information or media from a master CD/DVD on to as many discs as you require.
Our experienced professionals and advanced machines ensure that this is done in a timely fashion regarding all your requirements.

Duplicate any information or media!



Diskmakers is able to offer you a variety of USB options, from duplications to printing straight onto the actual USB.



Standard CD Clear Tray

The standard CD case is the most affordable CD packaging available. It is a 3-piece case with a removable tray. The front of the standard CD tray can hold a booklet of up to 32 pages. The back normally holds a card printed one side with two spines. Seen in many music stores the case may be cello wrapped for protection.

Black Tray

We offer additional non-standard CD Packaging upon request. Please contact us should you require packing which is unique or non-standard.

Black CD/DVD Case

The traditional DVD box. Discmakers’ Black CD/DVD Case houses one CD or DVD in a fully black box. The box allows for a fully customisable printed insert, to align with your brand, artwork or corporate identity.

Double CD/DVD Box

The Double DVD Box is in the same design as the traditional box, but houses up to 2 DVD’s. Strong, simple and professional, the Double DVD Box can also be customized to your specifications to align with your brand and design.

Quad DVD Box

Discmakers’ Quad DVD Box makes use of the classic DVD Box design to bring you this durable housing for up to 4 DVD’s. This box can also be customised and is perfect for presentation packs, software, training packs, and much more.

Additional Packaging Options

Additional Packaging Options

CD/DVD Envelope

The most simple and cost effective CD/DVD packaging solution is

Discmakers’ CD/DVD envelope. The envelope is ideal for mass

distribution/storage of discs. With a viewing window at the front of the

envelope, discs can be identified quickly and effectively.

CD Shell Holder

Second to the CD Envelope, the CD Shell Holder is one of the most cost

effective, simple solutions to Disc packaging. The Shell Holder is

slightly more durable and protective than the Envelope and is clear,

allowing the disc to be seen through the case. The CD Shell Holder is a

clean and simple way to promote your brand and design.

Digitising, Editing & Authoring Services

  • We have a variety of additional service options which we can tailor make for your project/s.
    Please call one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.







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Jetline is a member of FASA, 2010 finalist award winner.  Jetline upholds the standards and values associated with The Franchise Association of South Africa

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