The Importance of Brand Identity and Brand Management


It is important to understand exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to be perceived in business. Strategise and take deliberate action, always remembering that consistency is key.

In the past, consumers only interacted with brands on two or three simple platforms. Today the consumer interacts with brands on multiple and ever evolving platforms. We have more touch points than ever before, from business cards and billboards to websites and brand activations. You need to ensure that all your business card designs, brochures, corporate stationery and social media platforms all match your brand and showcase a streamlined consciousness.

The bottom line is that brand management cannot be ignored or side-lined. Consistency in business identity improves audience recall, influences buying behaviour and reassures your value to the customer. What business owner does not want that?

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Awesome Logo Design Tips to Help your Brand Stand Out


Your logo forms the foundation of your brand. It is a graphical representation, one that encapsulates your brand, becoming the visual indicator of your company. When clients and potential clients come by your store, billboards, in-store products, website, social media and brochures, they should instantly be able to recognise your business and service offerings because of your logo.

The key to an effective logo is to design one that works well on all marketing platforms, while capturing the aesthetic of your corporate identity. Logo trends are consistently changing alongside the marketing landscape. The rules that once applied to graphic designers, are no longer relevant in this day and age. Branding, print, design and art are evolving just as fast as the opportunity to engage with clients.  

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