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People do business with companies that they are familiar with. If your branding is uniform it becomes easily recognisable. This makes people feel at ease when purchasing your product or service. Remember: your brand represents you and the value that you promise your customer. Jetline recognised a fundamental gap in the market for an effective brand management solution; thus our Brand Management Portal was born.

Print Marketing Matters 40

Jetline Brand Management Portal

BMP is an all-encompassing system that functions as a digital style guide. It maintains your relevant brand information and guidelines, ensuring brand uniformity across all your marketing and corporate materials.

The bottom line is that brand management cannot be ignored or side lined. Consistency in business identity improves audience recall, influences buying behaviour and reassures your value to the customer.

Take a look at what BMP offers you:

Content Maintenance

BMP 02

Ordering your stationery and marketing materials through BMP is simple. Your content can be maintained by your marketing department, agency responsible for your Corporate Identity compliance, individual team members, or the Jetline BMP team. The templates include, but are not limited to, images, text, fonts and logos, ensuring content consistency.

With just a few clicks your order is loaded to the system and once approved by the relevant representative, it is sent to printing.

Uniform Brand Communication

BMP 03

The Jetline Brand Management Portal maintains your Corporate Identity from one central source. This is ideal for use in decentralised marketing organisations such as associated groups, large corporations, retail and partner marketing. Our system functions to provide uniform communication, making it easy to adapt marketing materials.

Progress Tracking and Analytics

BMP 04

BMP also allows for real-time progress tracking. This provides you with access to view exactly what stage of production the product is in. Every aspect of production can be tracked including what product was ordered, when the order was placed, and the person responsible for the order.

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