10 Band Logo Designs for your Printspiration

We write a lot about the importance of logos in branding, and the same can be said regarding band logos. So, what makes for an impressive band logo design? It all comes down to originality, smart design, and the designs personality itself.

From metal and hard rock to hip hop and pop, we look at some of the most impressive logo designs, from new bands to the golden oldies.

Time for some printspiration!

The Doors

The Doors logo is just as iconic as the band itself.

The geometric, bold design with a small, psychedelic and italic “THE,” may be one of the most recognised music logotypes of all time. The psychedelic feel of the design perfectly sums up the hippie counter culture of the late 60s and everything that the band represented.

As opposed to a few bands on this list, The Doors did not need an icon or symbol to make their logo stand out.

Dream Theater

Dream Theater is a progressive metal band, and their “majesty symbol” is actually a creative re imagining of Mary, Queen of Scots mark. The logo was designed by the bands former vocalist, Charlie Dominici, when the band was known as Majesty.

As the band shifted and evolved, changed their name, and got a new lead vocalist, one thing stayed the same – the logo. It has gone on to feature on every Dream Theater release to date.

The Gorillaz

The Gorillaz is a band that is basically one giant logo – a brand in and of itself. This is an incredible feat when it comes to design. The grafitti style font is a recognisable testament to just how simply a band can sum up their style. This typographic post-apocalyptic street style art encapsulates the political and economic aesthetic that Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn were keen to express.

Jurassic 5

The design of this logo makes use of the band’s name perfectly. It incorporates the “j” and the “5” in an aesthetically creative way. Due to the logos circular design, it suits any album cover, or merchandise it appears on. The logo was designed by band member Charlie Stewart and has been produced in a wide variety of colours for the bands merchandise and is one of the greatest logos of all time.


The Metallica logo perfectly showcases everything that a metal logo should be. Designed by Turner Duckworth, the Metallica logo got a bit of a face-lift in 2008. It is based on the bands original logo design from 1981. Metallica understands the metal aesthetic, and the logo emotes a sense of music unity among metal fans. The bands logo is cherished by fans, and can be found tattooed on serious fans, or scrawled on the side of school books!

The Ramones

Seen on t-shirts the world over, The Ramones logo is a brand itself! It was designed by New York artist Arturo Vega, who was a long time friend of the band members. The design was based on the Presidential Seal and Vega wanted to design it to portray an “All American Band.”

The design of this logo was so spot-on that it went on to become one of the most recognisable brands in the world.


The Run DMC logo is one of the most prolific logo designs to ever grace the music industry. And it continues to adorn the feet and chests of hip hop fans the world over – from t-shirts to sneakers – the brand is everywhere. The solid, bold typography and the three part colour scheme makes it timeless. Fun fact: it is the only band logo to have ever featured on Adidas sneakers!

Nine Inch Nails

The typography used in the Nine Inch Nails logo is said to have been inspired by a Talking Heads album cover. It was designed by the bands frontman Trent Reznor. The Nine Inch Nails logo is the epitome of simplicity, featuring the letter set inside of a thick border. The black and white design first appeared on the band’s debut album in 1989.

Wu Tang Clan

One of the most distinguishable hip hop logos of all time, the “W” logo of Wu Tang Clan can be seen on clothing, chains, and shoes to this day. It was created by Mathematics, a DJ and producer. The band continues to stick by the design and it has not altered in the slightest throughout their expansive career.


Radiohead haven’t actually had a regular band logo throughout their career, but this is their one logo that stands out (and probably their most tattooed logo!) The modified bear creation was designed for the release of their album Kid-A and was designed by band member Thom Yorke, and artist Stanley Donwood.

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